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Problems with Bookkeepers

  • Fixing mistakes made by inexperienced bookkeepers wastes your time and money
  • Referring inexperienced bookkeepers can damage your reputation
  • You may have used a great bookkeeper who is now unable to take new clients
  • Client relatives or friends are doing your clients books, and complain when you charge to fix their mistakes
  • You may have considered bringing the bookkeeping in-house but it doesn’t fit in with your business plan

We understand your needs

  • Having spent the initial part of our career working in a Chartered Accounting firm, we understand the sort of information you require
  • Balance Sheet Accounts will be reconciled and copies of invoices for assets and contentious tax issues will be supplied
  • With better accounting knowledge, we can identify issues that require your attention earlier, rather than the old problem of the client acting first and asking later
  • We can supply you with accurate Financials during the year to assist you with your clients tax planning
  • We will supply you with a complete package at year end to ensure there is minimal requests from your firm for information

Our Promise

  • We can reduce your stress because you know that you can rely on the information you receive
  • We will enhance your reputation because we are as professional as you are
  • We can save you money by training your clients to get it right and supervise them to keep them on track
  • You will be free of BAS compliance work so you can focus on strategic tax planning and business development for your clients

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