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We understand the needs of small and medium businesses, and specialise in customising our services to meet the specific requirements of each and every client.

Whether you are starting a new business, have ambitions to expand your existing business, or are seeking assistance to help you recover and get your bookkeeping back on track, we are the solution for you.

All financial information is treated with the highest level of security and remains completely confidential.

Commitment and professionalism are the essence of our business. What sets us apart from other bookkeeping services, is our extensive experience, and attention to detail. As qualified Accountants we can provide a cost effective year end solution with your Tax Accountant.

We do NOT provide any taxation, auditing or financial planning advice.

Data Entry Management

Services include:


  • Processing Debtor Invoices
  • Processing Debtor Payments
  • Complete Invoicing Service including Statements
  • Reconciliation of Aged Receivables


  • Processing Creditor Invoices
  • Payment of Creditor Invoices
  • Reconciliation of Aged Payables


  • Processing Bank fees, Interest & Direct Debits
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations

PAYG & Payroll Management

Services include:

  • Payroll Processing – weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Leave Entitlements – calculations & payments including annual leave, sick leave & long service leave
  • Termination Payments including calculation of entitlements
  • Commission Payments
  • Bonus Payments
  • Initial employee setup and ongoing maintenance
  • Superannuation Guarantee Contribution administration, reconciliation & reporting
  • PAYG Withholdings administration, reconciliation & reporting
  • Co-ordinating and facilitating end of year Payment Summaries & ATO Reporting


Services include:

  • Co-ordinating and facilitating GST and PAYG administration and reporting
  • Co-ordinating and facilitating IAS and BAS lodgement
  • Lodgement of IAS and BAS returns under BAS Agent Number 2463 2625


Services include:

  • Balance Day Journal Adjustments
  • Reconciliation of Balance Sheet Accounts
  • Year End Reconciliation of GST Control Accounts
  • Financial Statements – Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
  • Provide Client’s Tax Accountant with a complete End of Year Financial Package

Business Services

Do you require the services of an experienced Chief Financial Officer or Financial Controller. Use our experience to help drive your business forward.

Services include:

  • Cashflow preparation, analysis and forecasting
  • Budget preparation, reforecasting and benchmarking
  • Preparation of General & Special Purpose Financial Reports
  • Tracking your financial statements and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Attend Client Board Meetings to discuss financial situation and to provide business mentoring
  • Advanced financial reporting
  • Customised Reporting
  • Develop, maintain and enhance internal controls
  • Assist in the development of organisational objectives and plans

Tax Accountant Packages

Whilst we do not provide Income Tax Services, we do provide specialised “Tax Ready Financial Packages” to your Tax Accountant to assist in the lodgement of your Tax Returns. Having staff with previous experience in the Taxation Field, we understand what reports your Tax Accountant needs.

A common problem with general bookkeepers is that they get your financials to a point, but your Tax Accountant still needs to perform several journals and balance day adjustments before being in a position to lodge your Income Tax Returns.

We aim to fill that void, performing those tasks at a cheaper rate than your Tax Accountant.

We perform various reconciliations including debtors, creditors, GST control accounts, loan accounts, entering in balance day adjustments like closing stock, depreciation and amortisation. We compare your financials to the ATO benchmarks and provide all of the necessary source documents and schedules to your Tax Accountant. Finally, we provide a reconciled full set of Financials in order to lodge your Tax Return with your Tax Accountant.

In many cases we liase directly with your Tax Accountant to ensure a smooth year end experience for you.

Offsite Service Only

Offsite – Local Clients

Whilst we are happy to visit clients on a regular basis for reviews and business services, our bookkeeping services are performed in our offices, offsite from the Clients business. Unfortunately we do not offer onsite bookkeeping services at the Clients premises.

Interstate and Long Distance Clients

Balanced Business Solutions offer remote accounting and bookkeeping services to clients across Australia. We offer our services Australia wide communicating by phone, fax, email, post and cloud based storage services.

Tailored Bookkeeping Manual

A common complaint from clients is that when someone new works on their books, the previous person for various reasons left without passing on the correct financial information and procedures.

Our goal is to streamline your bookkeeping, to minimise any inefficiencies and reduce costs.

As a result we compile a tailored bookkeeping manual. The purpose of the manual is to have one place where important financial information about the client is kept. This means that if the assigned bookkeeper is not available, another member of our team can replace them with a minimum of fuss.

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